Temple Shop

The Temple Shop can be accessed from the Main Menu (tap Shop) or the Warband's page (tap Temple). Here, you can :

  • Buy Fate points (10, 50 or 100) with real money.
  • Blessing of Verena (cost 5 Fate points) : For a full week, all experience points earned on your account will be doubled. This is good for all your Warbands (active or archived).
  • Blessing of Morr (for 5 Fate points) : This is the best deal on the app. For a full week, Morr will revive dead characters (it otherwise costs 3 Fate points each resurrection).
  • Donate : Normally, each Donation costs 100 gold. But you get a free Donation every 20 hours (reduced to 10 hours by watching a 30 seconds advertisement). A Donation can be anything from a Fate point (about 10% chance) to a small stats boost (+5 WS, for example). Note, however, that the bonus is good only for the next mission of the currently selected Warband.
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