Move is a representation of how far a member can travel in a single turn. Some notable facts about Move :

  • Move is two numbers : Walk/Run.
  • If you move up to Walk speed, you can try to hide (if you take no other actions).
  • If you move up to Run speed, you can't hide until next turn.
  • Certain range weapons can be used up to Walk or Run speed (others need you to not Move at all).
  • You can move up to Run speed and attack with a melee weapon.
  • Weight of armor and shield (if any) will reduce the Walk/Run speed by the following metrics :
    • 1 Weight = -1 Run
    • 2 Weight = -2 Run
    • 3 Weight = -1 Walk and -1 Run
    • 4 Weight = -1 Walk and -2 Run (to be confirmed)
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