There are currently 9 available Factions in Mordheim : Warband Skirmish, from which you can choose to build your Warband around. Only the Reikland Mercenaries are free to play. Other Factions can be unlocked by paying Fate points or real money. As you can see from the screenshot on the right, I've unlocked all Factions, except Possessed and Dwarves.

Reikland Mercenaries (free) Edit

Their Captain is the best Leader, and can learn Lesser Magic. With access to Shooting and Strength skills (not Speed), they're the game’s true hybrid faction (melee and range). They can't run or hide, but can take a hit and fight like hell!

Middenheim Mercenaries Edit

Their Captain is the strongest of all, with also access to Lesser Magic. Designed for close combat, with access to Speed and Strength skills (not Shooting). Like wolves, they're stealthy but ferocious.

Marienburg Mercenaries Edit

Their Captain not only has access to Lesser Magic, but also to a network of reliable merchants. Ranged or swashbuckling troops with access to Shooting and Speed skills (not Strength). They are rich and better equipped than any other Factions.

Skaven Edit

Lead by Assassins and would-be adepts of The Horned Rat, Skaven are fast, deadly and the most versatile warriors. They have access to Shooting, Strength and Speed skills, making them able both in melee and at range. But they're coward and will often flee at the wrong moment.

Undead Edit

A Necromancer with his Dregs and fearsome Ghouls minions. They rely heavily on fear, melee combat and magical support (all in all, their skills access is limited). But their true master is the Vampire, who'll join the Warband only once tribute is paid.

Witch Hunters Edit

Only Captain starts with any kind of training (and an armour!). Zealots are enthusiastic peasants ; what they lack in training, they get in potential (as Templars or Fanatics). They're eager for the guidance of the Warrior-Priest Hired Sword and his Prayers of Sigmar (spells).

Sisters of Sigmar Edit

Their Matriarch starts with unlocked Prayers of Sigmar. Novices are like untrained but schooled Middenheim Warriors (access to Strength, Speed and Academic skills, not Shooting). Their lack of training is largely compensated byt their speed and potential. They all can wield the fearsome Sigmarite Hammer, one of the best weapon in the game.

Cult of the Possessed Edit

Description required.

Dwarf Treasure Hunters Edit

Description required.

Comparison Chart Edit

Pros Cons
Reiklanders +6 range to Ld

Access to Lesser Magic

Marksmen get +5 BS

Average stats

Henchmen don't have access to Speed skills

Middenheimers All units get +5 Str

Access to Lesser Magic

Captain gets +3 W

Average stats

Henchmen don't have access to Shooting Skills

Marienburgers +100 starting gold

Access to Lesser Magic

Store : +10% rarity

Store : 20% discount

Average stats

Henchmen don't have access to Strength Skills

Skaven Vermikin get all but Academic skills

Fast units (+1 M, +10 Ini)

Special Skaven skills

Rat Handling

Access to Skaven Magic

Very susceptible to Rout and All Alone test

Very limited Hired Swords choice

No flying units

Undead Zombie Handling

Access to Necromantic Magic

Ghouls have 2 Attacks

Can hire a Vampire

Dregs limited to Combat and Strength skills

Ghouls limited to Strength and Speed skills

Ghouls can't equip any items

Necromancer have a very limited skill pool

Witch Hunters Templar or Fanatic path

Captain's armor is worth 300g

Can hire a Warrior-Priest

Crossbow pistol exclusive item

Zealots starts with -10 to WS and BS*

Zealots don't have access to Strength skills

Can't use any sort of bows

Sisters Novices get Academic skills**

Matriarch starts with Prayers

Special Sisters skills

Can hire an Augur

Novices starts with -10 to WS, BS and Ld*

Novices don't have access to Shooting skills

No flying units

Possessed ??? ???
Dwarves ??? ???

*But can take up 2 more increases in these stats (compared to Mercs, the standard Factions).

**Namely Wyrdstone Hunter, Streetwise and Haggle skills (on top of Special Sisters skills).

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